Propoxyphene (Cotanal-65, Darvon)


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What is Propoxyphene (Cotanal-65, Darvon) ?

Propoxyphene(Cotanal-65, Darvon) is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers.


Reagent A 2 x 15 ml
Reagent B 2 x 15 ml


Propoxyphene(Cotanal-65, Darvon)
Propoxyphene(Cotanal-65, Darvon)

Reagent A: Antibody/substrate reagent
Anti-propoxyphene antibodies (monoclonal)
Tris buffer
NaN3 < 0.1 %

Reagent B:

Enzyme conjugate reagent G6PDH labelled with propoxyphene
Tris buffer
NaN3 < 0.1 %


For in vitro diagnostic use only.
Exercise the normal precautions required for handling all laboratory reagents. The
reagents contain sodium azide as preservative. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes.


The reagents are ready for use. Note 1: Check that there are no bubbles in the bottleneck or on the surface of the reagent when you insert the reagent vials or vessels in the Konelab analyzer. Note 2: The reagent solutions must be in the reagent disk temperature of the


before performing the assay. Note 3: It is recommended to mix gently the reagents before use.

Storage and Stability

Reagents in unopened vials are stable at 2…8 °C until the expiration date printed on the label.

The opened reagents may be used for 6 months or until the expiration date, whichever comes first, when stored tightly sealed at 2…8 °C, and when contamination is avoided. It is recommended to take the reagent vials out of the analyzer and keep them closed in the refrigerator, when not in use in order to avoid frequent calibration.


Sample type

Urine. Collect urine samples in clean plastic or glass containers.
Centrifuge specimens with high turbidity before analysis.
Precautions Urine samples outside the normal urine pH range or below the normal urine creatinine concentration should be suspected of adulteration (4,5,6) Adulteration of the urine sample may cause erroneous results. If adulteration is suspected, obtain another sample. Human samples should be handled and disposed of as if they were potentially infectious.

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